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Raw & Cold-Extracted | عسل مستخرج صافى

Mara'ee Honey عسل مراعي يمني

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NECTAR SOURCE: Wild desert flowers.

CONSISTENCY: Smooth and lavishly thick.

COLOUR: Medium to dark brown.

TASTE: Light on the palate with aromatic floral notes.

PROVENANCE: Do-an - Yemen

PROPERTIES: Popular in traditional Arab culture for its anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Widely used with warm water as a healthy tonic against seasonal cold and allergies.

Mara'ee (meaning "Speciality") is a classic honey delicacy from Yemen and often considered the "best of the best".

This is because it is a poly-floral honey. Honeybees feed on the nectar of various wild flowers in the rich desert areas of Hardamut region. These flowers include Sumra Flowers, Sidr Flowers and some other wild flowers which are native to that particular region of the world. The rich soil composition, the dry Arabian air and the nutritious mix of exotic flowers' nectar are some of the factors which make this honey an absolute must try delicacy. 

We work with traditional beekeepers of Do'an Valley in Yemen. They use the ancient beekeeping methods - long, thin hives hollowed from a tree. Camels are used for transportation, moving only at night in order to allow the bees to work during the day. When the combs are full of honey, they are cut out with a knife. A bit of honey is left in the hive as a provision for the bees in drier months. The techniques of beekeeping and honey extraction have remained unchanged throughout the generations. Enjoy a taste of luxury.