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Cylon Alba Cinnamon قرفة سيلان ألبا

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Ceylon Alba Cinnamon is the highest grade of Ceylon cinnamon available in the Cinnamon market. It is prepared using the finest and thin inner bark of the Ceylon cinnamon tree. Alba cinnamon provides the top-quality taste of Ceylon cinnamon. This grade is very rare in the market.

Ceylon Alba Cinnamon has been known to increases sensitivity to insulin and reduces insulin resistance, decreases blood sugar, thereby aiding in the management of diabetes.

Ceylon Alba Cinnamon is safe for daily use. It always goes within the TDI level due to its ultra-low coumarin content (~0.004%). Cassia cinnamon has 1200 times more coumarin content than Ceylon cinnamon (~ 5%) and easily exceeds the TDI limit. In 2006, BfR warned against regular cassia cinnamon usage due to its high coumarin content.