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Syrian Baklava بقلاوة سورية

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With Sugar or Sugar Free?
Simply the great food has partnered with a Syrian Family from the city of Damascus who have been in baking business, making traditional Baklava since 1957.

We make our own fresh Phyllo Dough. Everything is made from scratch using the best available ingredients. We use the best ingredients which includes high quality dry fruits and pure desi ghee. Not just that, we are very generous with the toppings of cashews, almonds and pistachios which allows you to experience the traditional authentic taste of Baklava that has been passed on from generations. 

 There is no use of preservatives, chemicals or any sort of artificial taste enhancers. 

For Sugar Free Baklava, we use natural Agave Syrup instead of White Sugar. 

Press here to read about the health benefits of Agave Syrup.

Net Weight: Half Kg      

Ingredients: Pistachio – Cashew – Almonds – Sugar (ooptional) – Starch – Butter
Allergens: Contains Tree Nuts, Wheat and Milk.