Our Beekeepers

We are a union of beekeepers. Our beekeepers are our business partners, and we owe everything to their hard work (alongside the bees). They do not work for us but with us, creating the most natural, delicious raw honey we can find.

Uncle Masaud was a banking and finance professional before switching his career to beekeeping. Uncle Masaud has been our business partner for the past four years. Through his love and passion for honeybees, he takes pride in training the new generation of our young beekeepers.

Shafiullah has been with us since the very beginning, and through six years of training and development we have formed a long, trusting relationship.

We work with the oldest beekeeping family in Do'an Valley of Hadramut Province in Yemen. This family has been harvesting the finest quality honey in Yemen for the past 800 years. We regularly train and develop the younger generation to carry the legacy of harvesting premium quality honey for our future generations.