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Cold-Pressed العصر البارد

Taramira Oil زيت جرجير

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Made in UAE 🇦🇪

Taramira Oil (also known as Rocket Salad Oil) has been used for centuries in India Subcontinent as a hair massage oil to remove dandruff and lice. The anti-fungal properties of this oil keep your skin well protected from fungal infections. It also has antiseptic properties, and the beneficial vitamins present in this oil are beneficial for your skin. The taramira oil also has anti-scabies properties. It also has anti-melanoma and anti-mutagenic properties.

Young school girls often suffer from hair lice, hair massage with Taramira Oil is very effective and removes hair lice permanently.

You may have noticed that in countries/regions where shower water is hard, it is common to develop dandruff. Regular massage of Taramira Oil removes dandruff and prevents it from occurring again. 

Taramira Oil is anti-bacterial therefore it is also effective against skin eczema, pimples and dry skin patches.