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Punjabi Desi Ghee البنجابية السمن

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Origin: Sahiwal, Punjab.

In commercial process, butter is made from churning cream (and cream comes from artificial fats like palm oil). There is no culturing process to make yogurt first, so the butter tastes blander, smooth and creamy, but bland.

We make desi Ghee fresh through fermentation of Pure Milk into Yogurt and cultured overnight to turn Yogurt into Butter. Butter is then slowly heated to make Desi Ghee. This is the genuine and authentic process of making Desi Ghee, as a result our ghee is more nutritious, has a richer taste and aroma.

Is our Ghee produced from grass fed cattle?

Yes it is. We only breed organic cows which can graze all summer long in the grasslands. However it is not 100% grass fed since there is insufficient grass available in the winter. In winter it is mainly dried grass stored in summer, and differing per farm with sometimes some additional feed.

Is our Ghee free from additives and E-numbers?

Yes, it is. Our main product, our natural Cow  Ghee, has only one ingredient pure organic butterfat. This is a traditional method of making ghee, unlike others, we do not use artificial cream or vegetable fats during ghee making process.