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Raw & Cold-Extracted | عسل مستخرج صافى

Gift Set: 5 Jars of 125g each

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We are proud to offer a Gift Pack of our 5 Most Popular Organic Honey in a Special Offer at AED 99 Only. 

The Gift Pack contains the following:

1) Acacia Honey 125 grams


2) Black Forest Honey 125 grams


3) Sidr Honey 125 grams


4) Apple Blossom Honey 125 grams


5) Robinia Honey 125 grams

This is a perfect choice if you wish to taste every kind of honey without breaking your budget. 

This video is inspired by real events and a true story of a family unable to celebrate the festive holidays of Eid-ul-Adha together due to Covid-19 Lock down. Our new range of Luxury Honey Gift sets are a perfect gift of happiness to your loved ones. Reminiscence your special moments with Simply the great food.