Honey & Milk - A Miracle Food

Honey & Milk - A Miracle Food

Did you know that osteoporosis is a disease of weak and fragile bones? This disease is spreading rapidly in our society and is mainly due to lack of calcium in the daily diet. The disease is more common in women, especially mothers.

Although pure milk is rich in calcium, our body is capable of absorbing only 30% calcium at a time. Recent research has shown that regular consumption of milk and honey not only multiplies our body's ability to absorb calcium, but also protects against diseases such as "osteoporosis" and joint pain. In addition, research suggested that amount of calcium absorbed in body increased with the increase in the quantity of honey. 

After Cardiovascular diseases, Osteoporosis is the second most common disease according to global healthcare data and the numbers are predicted to rise in future due to declining nutritional values in our diet and obesity. It is recommended to to  use calcium rich diet along with honey and Vitamin D to safeguard against low bones mass and ensure health and wellness. 


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