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Raw & Cold-Extracted | عسل مستخرج صافى

Black Forest Honey عسل الغابته السوداء

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NECTAR SOURCE: Wild Juniper Flowers, Cinnamon Flowers and Lavender Flowers.

CONSISTENCY: Smooth, viscous, rich and moderately thick.  

COLOUR: Dark amber.

TASTE: Aromatic flavours that are typical of highlands and mountains with distinct cinnamon and lavender notes. 

PROPERTIES: Particularly recommended for respiratory diseases, improves blood circulation, relaxant for the nerves and helps improve the sleeping cycle.


Organic Black Forest Honey has been extracted by our beekeepers from Juniper Tree Forest located north-east of Ziarat Valley, Balochistan - Pakistan. 

These forests are considered to be one of the worlds largest, oldest and extremely slow growing, drought resistant at an elevation of 2,000m to 3,500m. Therefore, they were often termed as a "living forest fossil".  

Honey bees collect their nectar from Juniper and Cinnamon flowers, which blossom the on trees, whilst the lavender flowers are found on the surface of the forest. 


Above: The world's oldest Juniper Tree dating  back to 4500 years. 

Lavender and Cinnamon Flowers are known for therapeutic benefits towards stress relief and improving one's sleep cycle. Juniper flowers are extremely essential towards various respiratory diseases. 

It is very rich in minerals, iron and copper. The fact that this honey is raw and unpasteurised adds into its value, allowing you to experience this beautiful honey in all its glory. 

"It has a unique, rich flavour, you can discover lavender, hint of caramel with a slightly smoky juniper tree aroma."

 There is no use of pesticides in the surrounding areas so please be assured that this honey has come from the highest quality of organic nectar of the Juniper, Cinnamon and Lavender blossom.  

Our team of honey experts and beekeepers have a permanent presence in the local region during the harvesting season and we cold-extract honey in it's raw form under careful supervision. Our quality control is stringent to ensure our trusted customers are receive the genuine product. Our supply chains are very short as we work directly with small beekeepers. We work closely with these artisans to protect their livelihoods, their traditional way of life and the sustainability of their work. All Simply the great food's honey is raw, straight from the hive with no heat-treatment or micro-filters which would rob it of the potent health promoting enzymes. None of our farmers or beekeepers feed sugar solution or supplements to their bees either. We are totally dedicated to extracting the purest most natural honey there is. This attention to detail extends to every aspect of the process, such as glass bottling, packaging and labelling.

Please note that since the honey is raw and unprocessed, it may contain beeswax, propolis and pollen particles which come naturally with organic honey to preserve its natural efficacy.