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We are a union of beekeepers, specialised in art of cold-extraction of honey. 

We do not heat the honey before, during or after harvest. Once harvested, we do not filter the honey. All our honey is 100% pure, raw and straight from the hive. 

We do not filter Pollen or Royal Jelly from our honey. Taste the wild flavour of nature in each jar. 

Honey Fusion: Acacia Honey with Saffron


Luxury Honey Gift Box


The House of Manuka

We work with the the oldest beekeeping family located in the heart of the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand. They have been harvesting Manuka Honey for the past number of years and are famous amongst honey experts for their top grade Manuka Honey.

Bundle Pack Offers

You two favorite honey are now available in a Bundle Pack. Enjoy sweet and healthy savings. 

What makes our Sidr Honey special?

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