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Honey Water: A perfect drink during Ramadan

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Medical and nutritional experts agree there is no doubt that raw organic honey is far superior to many other natural foods in terms of its health benefits to the human body.

Hundreds of clinical studies have proven the use of raw organic honey to treat and relieve conditions from high blood pressure and digestive problems to skin and hair issues.

Yet few people know that water multiplies the health benefits of raw organic honey on the body many times. 

Drinking raw organic honey water has more effect on the body after a long day of fasting than at any other time. 

What is raw organic honey water? Simply put, raw organic honey water is raw organic honey mixed with... water.

A teaspoon of raw organic honey mixed into a glass of cold water makes raw organic honey water. If the honey is crystallised, just stir a little harder until the honey dissolves into the water.

Here are three amazing health benefits of drinking raw organic honey water on an empty stomach, such as first thing in the morning after sleep or after a long day of fasting.

After you open your fast with dates, the best thing to drink is a glass of raw organic honey water.

1) Raw organic honey water flushes out toxins from a fasting body

When you eat a spoon of raw organic honey, the honey covers your tongue then gently glides down your food pipe, lining its walls with beneficial living enzymes, nutrients and good bacteria.

Since the honey is raw and organic, unlike processed supermarket honey, it contains all its living nutrients.

But when the honey enters the stomach it settles into a corner until it leaves.

Latin Honey Shop Raw Honey Water Ramadan Fasting

Now having this same spoon of raw organic honey mixed into a glass of water ensure that the beneficial nutrients reach all parts of the mouth, food pipe and more of the stomach. In the process, the raw organic honey destroys all the toxins it encounters.

The more food there is in the stomach, the less of the raw organic honey water reaches the stomach linings.

Imagine watering a dry flowerbed. The first splash of water is rapidly absorbed by all parts of the soil which need it most.

Raw organic honey water is more rapidly absorbed by the body and more effective in flushing out toxins from the body.

2) Raw honey water floods a fasting body's bloodstream with beneficial nutrients

After a long day or night without food or water, the liver is empty and desperate for nutrients. Whatever enters the liver first gets first access to the bloodstream.

Latin Honey Shop Raw Honey Water Ramadan Fasting

Imagine a line of customers waiting all night to enter a popular department store on the first day of its annual sale. Whoever gets in first gets first access to the best bargains.

Likewise, drinking a glass of raw organic honey water on an empty stomach ensures that the liver, and then the bloodstream, is flooded with beneficial living nutrients that destroy any harmful toxins they meet in their path.

3) Raw organic honey water aids healthy weight loss by flooding the intestines with prebiotics and good bacteria

The presence of harmful bacteria in the intestines does not just cause gas and bloating, it limits the ability of the body to properly absorb all the nutrients from food.

An unhealthy digestive system is one of the factors leading to excessive fat accumulation and obesity.

Latin Honey Shop Raw Honey Water Ramadan Fasting

Drinking raw organic honey water on an empty stomach floods the empty intestines with prebiotics, which create "good" bacteria. This good bacteria multiplies in the intestines and kills any harmful bacteria present there.

This in turn purifies the digestive system and makes it more effective in absorbing the nutrients from food, leading to healthy weight loss.

As the raw honey is organic, this guarantees that no artificial chemicals enter the body at this critical stage.

All of our honeys are suitable for mixing in water.

The honeys from our range that we recommend to have in water after a long day of fasting are Organic Sidr Honey and Organic Acacia Honey.


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